About Wise Automation

Wise Automation, established on 6th Jan 2016 with just 4 products launched in local Electronics expo in Solapur and now within this short span has 15+ products “Manufactured Proudly in India for Indian Conditions”.First mover advantage and innovation in the Electrical Automation is the area in which Wise Automation has carved its niche potential by launching all the premium range of products.

Wise Automation have products where in “Automation, Comfort and Convenience” are key determining factors. With “WISE” use cost savings through efficient energy conservation is an by-product when we speak to our esteemed customers.

On the other hand Wise Touch Switches products themselves are “Life Style Statement” in itself. Feature Rich, Glassy Finish, Feather Touch, Control on Finger Tips of entire Lighting, Electrical Fittings go hand in hand as few of important by-products when we speak to our esteemed customers.

Automation and Us

Make in India, Digital India, Digital Transformation, Innovations and Use of Technology are touching common mans lives knowingly or unknowingly.Team Wise, way back in 2015 decided to be getting into “Indigenous manufacturing of Automation Products” which will build value to all in the entire supply chain till last mile.

Wise Automation was formed to bring Technological, Automation and Commercial Experience of Team Wise to develop products for common use and the main guiding purpose is to create “Sustainable Value – Value For ALL” We want to create “Sustainable Value – Value For ALL” for Customers and Consumers of our products at the same time Team Wise is making sure that we are giving extended service and support to our Associate Partners across “PAN INDIA”. Automation for us was an tool which Team Wise wanted to utilize for transforming and enriching the lives of everyone.


Technological “Up gradation and Innovation” to bring and touch lives keeping every person at centre stage. To Conceptualize, Design, Manufacture and Support these products that are State of the Art, while continuously striving for the highest quality in the same. Continue to Develop and Improve Wise Products, so as to maintain our technological edge in the market place.
Wise Automation and Wise Touch Switches take up the challenges of innovation in Automation field and to respond to the market needs as a diversified and multi-faceted manufacturing company in India. While achieving all the targets, Team Wise will adhere to the highest standards of “Ethics, Integrity and Principles” laid down.


Our Company's Vision is to be a leading creators of brands and products catering to one common goal of enriching lives of all with technological advances in real world.